Ambush Tennis, With Rennae Stubbs

By Racquet

You might be encountering Rennae Stubbs for the first time this week as the newest member of Serena Williams’ coaching team, but we’ve long known her simply as Stubbsy: six-time Grand Slam champion, commentator extraordinaire and someone who absolutely cannot, under any circumstances, withhold her opinion. Whether it’s correcting your tennis form in the middle of a dinner party or interrupting your casual hit to offer unsolicited advice, Rennae will coach you whether you like it or not.

We thought we’d take Stubbsy’s irreplaceable skills and indefatigable enthusiasm to the world’s public tennis courts, where she encounters, surprises and harasses the everyday players who need her special brand of “help” the most—improving their games along the way. We’re pleased to introduce Racquet’s “Ambush Tennis, with Rennae Stubbs”—coming soon to a court near you.

Above: Nice shirt, Stubbsy. Representing in Serena’s box, Monday night. (Getty)


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